Puff Pass Paint cannabis themed art classes near you! 420 group classes and Private parties available.

Smoke and paint, puff n brush, sip and paint studio locations in major cities including Denver, Washinton DC, Brooklyn, St Louis, and Orando Florida.

All of our cannabis creative events and classes are private events. Each location has different and specific rules and regulations. Attendees must register and be placed on a list prior to the event start time. Depending on location some classes may be hemp cannabis friendly.

Puff Pass and Paint Headquarters - Denver Colorado

Visit our Denver Puff Pass and Paint headquarters for our longest-running 420 themed creative studio with a pro and gift shop, retro arcade, and lounge. Visit back for specialty and pop-up classes added regularly at our main Denver location. Group classes run most days of the week and can be booked online below! Contact us for private or industry events.

Book a Puff Pass and Paint Denver session!

All of our Puff Pass and Paint Locations and Classes:

Denver, CO

Puff, Pass & Paint Denver*

Puff Pass and Paint in the mile high city!*

Cannabis Karaoke Night Denver!*

Orlando, FL

Puff, Pass, and Paint, Orlando Florida

Puff, Pass & Paint in the Sunshine State

Washington D.C.

Puff, Pass, and Paint, Washington D.C.

Puff, Pass & Paint in the Capitol City!

Brooklyn, New York

Puff, Pass and Paint Brooklyn NYC

Puff, Pass & Paint in the big apple New York City!

* This class is held in private. All product is BYOC. Signup required.

St. Louis, Missouri

Puff, Pass and Paint St. Louis

Puff, Pass & Paint along the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri

Las Vegas, NV

Puff, Pass & Paint Las Vegas

Puff, Pass & Paint Las Vegas is back in the Sin City for upcoming dates!

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Check out our new Virtual Class! Joing Puff, Pass, and Paint from home.
P3 Art & Supplies Kit included! Book PP&P Home Class & Kit

The perfect gift for the #StayHighFam in your life!

gift cards for puff pass & paint!

Gift Cards!

Know someone who would LOVE to Puff, Pass & Paint, but don't have a specific date in mind? A certificate to class makes the perfect gift for the cannabis creative in your life.

Reservations must be made for class in advance and are subject availability. Certificates are redeemable for up to one year from the date of purchase. All class attendees MUST be 21+

Contact us to buy a gift card.
Call us at: 303.420.TOUR (8687) Email us: [email protected]

Below Classes Currently on hold. Seshes Will Be Back Soon!

Bay Area, CA

Puff, Pass & Paint in Oakland, CA!

Puff, Pass & Paint in the big apple New York City!

CannaVines: Bay Area Wine and Weed Tour California!

Join us for a 4.5-hour tour where you’ll smoke, sip, learn, laugh, and experience the best of the Bay Area’s unique Wine & Weed culture. Featuring CannaVines Wine on your tour!

Los Angeles, CA

Puff, Pass & Paint Los Angeles

Puff, Pass & Paint in the City of Angels!

Puff, Pass & Paint X-Rated Los Angeles

Puff, Pass & Pornstar nude figure drawing class in downtown Los Angeles, CA!

San Diego, CA

Puff, Pass & Paint in San Diego

Puff, Pass & Paint in sunny San Diego, California

Boston, MA

Puff, Pass & Paint Boston

Puff, Pass & Paint in one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston, Massachusetts!

Chicago Downtown, IL

Puff Pass & Painting Class

Puff, Pass & Paint in Chicago, Illinois!

Chicago Area (NorthShore), IL

Paint North Shore Chicago, Illinois

420 Painting Classes (Group and Private)

Miami, FL

Puff Pass & Paint Miami, Florida

Painting Classes (Group and Private)

Detroit, MI

Puff, Pass and Paint - Detroit

Cannabis themed painting classes comes to the Motor City and birthplace of Motown Records!