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Friday June 25, 2021
man holding up a joint and cannabis bud

It’s not unusual for cannabis enthusiasts to look for ways they can intensify their experience. In fact, as time passes and your body becomes better acquainted with THC and all its wonders, a little creativity may be required to help you get the most out of your smoke sessions.

8 Ways to Get Really High

There are lots of tips in circulation professing to help intensify your smoking experience. Eating mangos before smoking is certainly one method that some people try (we will talk about that later) but there are many other tips as well. In this article, we take a look at a bunch of different ways to figure out how to get really high.

1. Try smoking with different devices

Every smoking apparatus is going to be a little different in how they get you higher. Some of these differences might be simple. For example, a one-hitter obviously features a much smaller quantity of cannabis than a joint.

However, other differences can be more impactful. Certain qualities of pipes tend to naturally promote more intense smoking experiences. When taking bigger hits with a higher volume of smoke, special features like recyclers, percolators, ice catchers, etc. all work together to give you cleaner smoke helping get you higher.

Now, is it proven that bong users get higher than say, people who prefer to use a classic pipe? Not necessarily. Many considerations of this kind are based entirely on subjective accounts. Science hasn’t quite rushed to clarify this question yet, but it certainly is worth experimenting with.

2. Smoke different types of bud

One truly dependable way to mix things up is to experiment with different types and strains of buds. Certainly, there is a buffet of options, especially as more and more of the country continues to embrace cannabis at the legal level. Below we list several avenues to try, but truly the number of choices are almost endless.

Higher percentage THC

A simple way to get higher is to simply opt for cannabis with a higher level of THC. A moderate strain may feature THC levels between 12%-18%, while premium strains can easily double that figure. Depending on what you are used to, this difference alone can be more than enough to increase the buzz you feel when you smoke.


As you probably know, the popular CBD products that can be found pretty much everywhere these days come from the male cannabis plant called hemp—marijuana’s brother. To that end, marijuana and CBD do have similar properties, however, CBD is known to chill you out, reduce anxiety and paranoia without getting you high. But the whole reason your reading this article is to get higher, right? If you’re really trying to intensify your high, you need to find strains that have little to no CBD and a high percentage of THC.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are premium cannabis nuggets that have been dipped in hash oil and then rolled around in kief. The result is a smokeable product with a THC level approximating 50%–roughly three times the THC level that most tokers are probably used to. Be aware though, moon rocks are certainly not for everyone. One hit proved to be enough to make Snoop Dogg so disoriented he couldn’t stand up straight. Just imagine how hard that level of potency would hit you.

Thai Sticks

Thai sticks reached the height of their popularity back in the 70s when many would smoke them after giving the concoction a quick dip in their magic oil (don’t do that). Thai sticks are a lot like cigars made out of marijuana. They feature a cured cannabis leaf wrap, dipped in concentrates, rolled in kief, and bound together with hemp string. One of the main benefits of Thai sticks is that they can be smoked much slower than say, a joint. Consider the difference to be much like that between a cigarette and a cigar.


Dabs, or BHO is a popular way of ingesting THC that uses cannabis oil, a bong-like pipe called a “rig” and a blow torch (yes, a blow torch) to get the job done. Butane hash oil can feature a THC level of up to 80% making it incredibly effective, but also potentially dangerous for people who aren’t prepared for its effects. Those venturing into the world of dabs for the first time should do so cautiously, in the presence of a trusted friend.


Edibles tend to be more intense than smoked cannabis for the simple reason that the THC is metabolized differently. When you inhale smoked THC, the chemical is entering your body through the lungs. Obviously, this experience can still be intense and rewarding, but it is also quite different than the experience one has when they consume an edible. When you eat cannabis, the THC gets metabolized by your liver, creating psychoactive effects that aren’t just more intense, but also longer. If you want to learn how to make your own edible that will get you really high, learn more about our Puff, Pass and Bake cooking class.

3. Wake and Bake or Wake up in the Middle of the Night to Smoke

Waking and baking is a classic habit that stoners throughout history have boasted about. There is the perception that smoking cannabis first thing in the morning is a good way to get higher than usual.

The actual truth of this belief is difficult to parse out, but there are a couple of factors that may be working in favor of the wake and bake. For one thing, there is anecdotal (as in not scientifically corroborated) evidence that smoking cannabis on an empty stomach will get you higher. Naturally, your stomach is never more empty than when you first wake up. It’s also true that your tolerance for cannabis might be at its lowest in the early hours of the morning. For habitual smokers, this may simply be because the eight hours you spend sleeping is the longest amount of time between tokes that you will experience all day.

Whatever the case, the wake and bake is a tried and true tradition that, at the very least allows you to meet the day on a positive note.

4. Take a T-Break (Tolerance Break)

Ah, the T-break. This is one method of figuring out how to get higher that is pretty well supported by science. As you begin to smoke cannabis habitually, your body becomes extremely acquainted with THC. Indeed, the chemical takes up residence everywhere, including your blood, fat, hair, and spit. The ubiquitous presence of cannabis’s psychoactive property in your body can make it very hard to enjoy the same euphoria response that first caused you to fall in love with marijuana.

Taking a break will help decrease the presence of cannabis in your body, thereby lowering your tolerance and increasing your capacity to get high.

That said, there are some stipulations to bear in mind. Hitting pause for a few days is better than plugging along with business as usual, but there are ways to maximize the effect of your break.

First, consider an abstinence period of about two weeks. This amount of time won’t completely flush your system of THC, but it will get you a lot of the way there.

Next, try to modify your other behaviors as well to truly drive the effects home. Healthy eating, hydration, and regular exercise are all great ways to break down THC and decrease your tolerance.

5. Hold the Smoke In’

It’s also been said that you will get higher if you hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible. The wisdom here is pretty straightforward: the longer you hold the smoke in, the more time your body has to process and absorb the THC.

And, indeed, many do report that they feel higher when they try this approach. Unfortunately, it looks like this is more a case of correlation than causation. There is no scientific evidence that directly proves holding your smoke in for longer will intensify your buzz. However, science is able to offer an alternative theory for why it feels like it works that way.

Deprivation. That enhanced euphoria you feel as you push the limits of your lung capacity is actually probably your body responding to a lack of oxygen and the increased heart rate that follows.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. One way or another, there is a good chance you will encounter that enhanced feeling of euphoria that you crave.

6. Store your Cannabis in the Right Humidity

Evidence shows that a humidity level of about 65% provides the optimal smoking experience. Lower than this and the cannabis will be so dry it burns right up. Higher than this and you begin to run the risk of mold and other bacteria that can have very serious implications for your health. Both bad situations to be avoided.

7. Smoke Before or After Exercising

Many find that smoking right before or after exercise leads to a very intense high. The reason for this may simply be that exercise exacerbates the euphoric effects of cannabis.

Keep in mind that when you exercise, you are already introducing a euphoric effect to your body through the release of endorphins. Combine those endorphins with cannabis, and it logically follows that the psychoactive properties you are looking for will be heightened.

8. Eat Mangoes

Finally, mangoes. We will be taking a more in-depth look at the connections between cannabis and mangoes in the next section. But yes, there are people all over the world who eat mangoes before smoking to intensify the effects. Does it work? Let’s take a look.

Eating Mangoes to Get Higher

Ready to find out how eating mangoes before smoking marijuana gets you higher? First, we need to understand their similarities which will give us some insights into how they work in unison to get you to another level.

What Do Mangoes and Marijuana have in common?

Interestingly, cannabis and mangoes have something chemically in common in the form of terpenes. Terpenes is a substance that is present in plants and fruits of all variety, most notably associated with the smell. Not only do terpenes produce an enjoyable fragrance but they are also associated with mental and physical effects that are, in fact, the very basis behind the efficacy of aromatherapy.

In this case, the terpene that is present in both marijuana and mangoes is myrcene.

How Do Mangoes Make Your Higher?

That’s how mangoes and marijuana relate, but what does that correlation have to do with you? While there are no scientifically verified accounts of the connection between cannabis, mangoes, and intense highs, there are some theories as to why so many people believe strongly in the connection. It all comes down to the terpene, myrcene, and something known as the entourage effect.

Myrcene has been associated with having a sedative effect. Myrcene is also associated with the ability to modulate your body’s CB receptors.

Whatever the case, those that do mix mangoes and cannabis have reported a sedative effect similar to that of couch lock. Those looking for a mellow, relaxing way to get really high may indeed find that mangoes are a safe, dependable way to achieve it.